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October 16, 2017
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Wisconsin Area OSHA Offices

Appleton Area                         
1648 Tri Park Way                     
Appleton, WI 54914                    
Phone: (920) 734-4521                          
Fax: (920) 734-2661            

Madison Area   
4802 E. Broadway
Madison, WI 53716  
Phone: (608) 441-5388
Fax: (608) 441-5400

Eau Claire Area                      
1310 W. Clairemont Ave.           
Eau Claire, WI 54701                 
Phone: (715) 832-9019                          
Fax: (715) 832-1147                                                                            

Milwaukee Area  
Henry S. Reuss Building                                                       
Suite 1180
310 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 297-3315
Fax: (414) 297-4299

2015 OSHA

Upcoming OSHA 10 Classes, OSHA Refresher Classes,
and New Products informational classes


Once again we are scheduling OSHA 10 Classes in various locations throughout the state, some in different locations to help satisfy the Greater Wisconsin Agreement for OSHA training.  Again if you have NOT had OSHA training I suggest you attend at least OSHA 10 construction safety.  If you have had either an OSHA 10 or 30 in the past and is OLDER than 5 years, the suggestion is to take an OSHA REFRESHER class.

Again if you have taken OSHA in the past and no record of it on file, please check BAC website for updated list.  Please notify Mike Williams (608) 751-6237 or Deb Mehling  (262) 827-1504 for assistance.

Classes Information, again I have scheduled OSHA classes in a Part 1 and Part 2 class and if you are in need, you MUST attend both nights.  Please see attached schedule.

Also I am starting the “OSHA Refresher Classes” these classes will follow the changes in the OSHA Regulations and the Focus Four hazards in Construction, again please see attached schedule.  

Also classes to be found on attached schedule are New Products informational classes, various companies throughout the state have or are using these products and you the Craftworkers will start seeing more and more of these items.  The following topics: Thin Panel Brick, SpiderLath, Mortar Sprayers, Isokern, Laticrete, Helifix anchors, etc.   Please see attached schedule.

P.S. For you members that have filed out Respirator Questioners, please locate nearest training class, so that I may fit test you for your respirator!!!!

Please sign up to attend early, minimum of 5 students. 

Thank you,

Mike Williams
BPA/BAC Training Coordinator

To view the OSHA Class database for members
please click on the PDF file for your Local
located at the bottom of this page.

Feb 22, 2017

                                                   February 13, 2017
Schedule of Upcoming Training Classes
To: WI BAC Craftworkers
From: Michael Williams BPA/BAC Training
First thing is that I truly hope everyone is being safe out on the jobsite!!!  If an accident hasn’t happened to you, human nature tends to think it won’t happen to ME!!!
Class schedules are attached, PLEASE KEEP!!! If you know someone not receiving the schedule please inform me or the WI BAC District Council.
OSHA/MSHA Training older than 5 years requires EITHER: OSHA refresher training, OSHA 10 Construction or 30 Hour Construction or MSHA per the Greater Wisconsin Agreement.  If training received internally from your parent company please get that information to Mike Williams (608) 751-6237 or Deb Mehling at (262) 827-4173.
 To help satisfy the “Greater Wisconsin Agreement” I have included many OSHA 10 classes throughout the state and various locals. (JUNE 1st deadline)  These are done in two (2) Part classes you must attend both classes (Pt1 and Pt2).  Also OSHA refreshers are being offered if you have already taken OSHA 10 and or OSHA 30 that is over five years to date. 
 I am also offering classes to recognize the NEW SILICA STANDARD.  In the future I would like to offer Foreman Training 1 & 2, BAC Labor Past, Present and Future, and classes pertaining to new products in the industry to help you be better trained.
 Please contact me directly with NEW/OLD training requests that you believe would be advantageous to training and I will try to accommodate the training requested.   If I am not informed of training I am unable to schedule…  
  Please call in advance one week prior for ALL classes to Deb Mehling at (262) 827-4173 or myself at (608) 751-6237 the minimum class sizes should be 5 Students.
         Thank You,

Michael Williams  

Please click on the links provided for the complete listing of classes

Download: Classes 2017.pdf

Dec 05, 2014

Download: OSHA's New Reporting.PDF

Jan 22, 2015

Download: Copy of OSHA #1.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #2.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #3.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #4.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #5.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #6.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #7.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #8.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #9.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #11.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #13.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #19.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #21.pdf

Jan 22, 2015

Download: OSHA #34.pdf

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